Is it possible... that being either left or right doesn't really leave a lot of room for nuance? The choice between coke or pepsi is technically a choice? What if someone asked me how I felt about a specific topic, and I calmly explained why? What if someone showed me a different perspective, and we could be curious together? Deep down I have this feeling that only having these two choices fits too well into the "good guy, bad guy" rhetoric. We can expand our minds so much that we bring new people to the table with all of our flagrant sharing and emotional management. Dare to be dangerous and actually talk to people without turning them into a scapegoat for your pandemic angst. If we got together and piled our anger into constructive action, into love and critical thinking, we would know truth, and we'd build our way into a better place. My treason? I actually believe we can find common ground and save the world.