There's so much irony and hypocrisy to pointing a finger to shame someone. This man way overweight I was talking to about mass production and over population. Accuse me of it too, the irony. I don't shame or guilt ones with weight issues. We all have them and it makes me feel terrible to feel unhealthy period. So he was saying there's a conscious decision he made to not have children. And people that have children do they plan it or is it because they just want sex? So it may be responsible and financial as his reasons but I was also looking at a man who I wasn't so sure could ever meet someone because he's not taking care of himself or if he wanted to still be sexually active either. Another one I see is oh, she's so ugly, but I'm looking at the one that said it too. I know, beauty on the inside and in the eye of the beholder. The last one I see is someone calling someone chubby. Look at you chubby. But it's a chubby person calling someone else chubby. So guys and gals, before we shame someone for what we are, let's be realistic and recognize how we live and look in the mirror.