So, let me get this straight. Schools and playgrounds were closed, while gyms, bars, dispensories, liqour stores and salons were allowed to open first? Now playgrounds can be open durring phase 1, and daycares can opperate not just for essential workers, but other parents too, who can afford it. But still schools can't open?
And the next things that will open are bowling alleys and adult centric leisure facilities before classrooms can open?


School facilities are allowed to provide childcare too, but still classrooms cant open?
We will have a generation of children marked by this event, and adults, mainly single ones who either never had children or thoer children are older now, these are the people who will be catered to, while children suffer for your leasure time?
And im the selfish one for saying schools should be opened first, not your stupid hair salon and your bowling alley!
Children are the next generation who will inherit the responsibility of taking care of our planet, they are the ones who will be left with the remains of how we have cared for it and you want to think only of yourselves because you can't think past your own selfish lives?

Put our communities children first! Not yourself! We are all adults here making decisions that impact these children's lives and your stupid bowling alley and haircut can wait!