I remember 9 11 clearly. I remember where I was. I remember my emotions and what my eyes were seeing as movie. I remember the aftermath weeks. I got in an argument with my Dad, a Vietnam vet. I remember wanting to do something but feeling hopeless. I remember wanting to fight back but lacking courage. I remember hanging a flag in my truck in support of America, patriotism, and coming together of humanity. It was never a case of "WHO" did it per se, for me. I don't look that way. I just remember an overall sense of American and Human spirit. It was both sad and inspiring. I remember the President being a symbol of strength. Now look, this goes many ways where there were inaccuracies, and lies that led up to war, but that's another subject.
I recently watched, again, Patriot's Day. I think about this coming together strength Boston had. New York as well, for that matter. What was this outpouring of love, hope, and community of good vs evil was inspiring. I remember the President at that time being a symbol of hope and strength. The speed at which the first responders, FBI, BPD and other authorities was nothing short of remarkable and inspiring. They received huge commendations, respect, and grattitude ffrom its citizens.
It's now. It's all gone. The flag represents to some something I don't understand anymore. A virus and mask, or lack of it, determines what side you stand on, and what you believe in. The President doesn't stand as a symbol of unity. The police are scrutinized and criticized for everything.
How did we get here?