60+ million assholes decided voting for Trump would "shake things up" and they believed their racism and hatred for Hillary Clinton were reasons enough. The cops, well, they could simply change couldn't they? Stop murdering Black people. Period. Stop murdering Black people and treat Black people the same way you treat someone like Kyle Rittenhouse or Dylan Roof - feed 'em, give them water, tell them how happy you are to have them around, and voila! No more protests.

And your memory is faulty. I LIVED in NYC on 9/11 and George W. Bush and his administration LIED TO CONGRESS AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND STARTED A WAR WITH IRAQ - A COUNTRY THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TERRORIST ATTACK. And when he was informed the attack was happening (an attack he had been warned about and said with hubris it would never happen) he was in the middle of a photo op "reading" to kids (with the book upside down). He and Cheney also told military fighter jets that were at the ready to STAND DOWN instead of taking out the plane that hit the Pentagon and Flight 93 (which American passengers took down themselves). So while there was a lot of a certain kind of good will within NYC and people who came to help dig through the rubble - there was also the head of the EPA who lied to everyone saying the air at Ground Zero was safe and more police and firefighters and first responders have died from illnesses caused by cleaning up Ground Zero than died on 9/11.

George W. Bush's presidency, administration, the war in Iraq, the USA's relationship with Saudi Arabia, 9/11, the Patriot Act, daily mass shootings (almost entirely all committed by white males), the near destruction of the entire economy by GWB and the recession and the fact that racists in this country were super pissed people in this country voted for President Barack Obama, TWICE, in historic numbers Trump dreams about in his drug addled haze are all reasons why we are here. Add to that Trump's destruction of everything (especially the pandemic response team), his treason, his grifting, his lying, and the Republicans in Congress refusing to do anything other than enable Trump - and that's the short version of how we have gotten here.

A country created on genocide and slavery, where racist white men (and women) believe they are special flowers who deserve everything in the world at the expense of everyone else and is now facing a reckoning of a brand new world that no longer supports that delusional ideology is another short version of how we have gotten here. It started long before 9/11.



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