According to CDC guidelines the reopening should allow for greater than 2m space between desks, all employees should wear masks if they get up from their desks, and if the desks cannot be spaced far enough apart then plexiglass shields must be installed between them. Find out if your spouse's employer is meeting these guidelines. If so, then my next question would be why bother to reopen? That's so 20th century to have hundreds of employees in single occupant vehicles all converge at the same time (rush hour) on a stupid office park. They would save a lot of money by providing each employee a stipend for a home office and asking that only essential personnel show up physically for work. Imagine downsizing a huge office building and how much money the firm could save. That's the future.


Was going to make messed up comment about sucking it up and your blind need to get the fuck over yourself. However, all lives are needy and I like this suggestion that has been put forth. Carry on.


I blame the “VP of Employee Experience,” or whatever his made up title is, name rhymes with Rod Wine Tart. This VP is also behind an idiotic and spendy open-office remodel that has put employees on affected floors in extremely close proximity with no barriers (even now), and in so doing also created a massive physical security risk to employees to boot with the thoughtless design. Definitely not meeting the guidelines. Unless a couple of 24” monitors on your desk constitutes a sneeze guard. They also put a freeze on raises and promotions, even as many salaried employees’ workloads are increasing during the pandemic . But now there’s fancy touchscreen Coca Cola machines in the shiny new break rooms, because free soda pop is what really makes employees feel valued. Let them drink Coke!

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