I was in the car behind yours this afternoon waiting for a parking spot. You flicked your still burning cigarette out the window. You parked. I parked. I watched you get out of a Ford Windstar with Oregon plates. You looked middle-aged to me, therefore you should know better than to throw a burning object from your car, period. Do you do this on the highway too? I bet you do. Have you somehow failed to notice that Oregon is burning?
While you walked into the store, I picked up your cigarette that I stepped on first because it was still burning. Your windows were rolled down so I dropped your cigarette onto the driver's seat. You are welcome you lazy selfish piece of shit.
In fact, to the scumbags that litter - all of you are lazy, nasty, selfish pieces of shits. If you are a "proud American" as so many of you claim that you are then you should take better care of your country. Oh by the way, I am from Sweden. I learned not to litter when I was a child.
It is time to start imposing fines for littering offenses. Perhaps then some of you would think twice before discarding your trash in public.