All up and down my walks to work, and home from work garbage all over the street, in a bush, near a tree, in the gutter, in yards, everywhere. From Subway wrappers, BurgerKing, 711 pizza boxes, straws, plastic bags, facemasks, shoes, cigarettes, cardboard, styrofoam, coke cans, Sprite bottles, you name it, you'll see it. Where does it all go when it's not there the next time? How can a lesson be learned? This is the epitome of disrespect to an earth that provides life. If you've ever ridden the Max and seen where someone had their picnic and left it behind. If you've ever looked at the Max tracks, you'll see a collection of every disrespect and disregard for disposing of refuse. Sorry wildlife, animals, fish, and mother earth. Father time will run out.