Some customers couldn't open the cover to the bed of the truck. They asked if I could help. I tried. I offered to see if we had WD-40. It's worked on door locks. I was thinking ash. I'm no locksmith. We didn't have any WD-40. I asked our branch manager if we did. He said, "for what?" With branch manager attitude. I told him what for. He laughed, maybe at me, but I didn't take it that way. He laughed at the situation, like good luck. I said, "just trying to help people." At this point, it's not about customers, it's about humanity for me. The more we divide we will never get to working together, Love Wins, Alone Together, We're All in This Together type uplifting slogans in the shittiest, uncertain time of my life on earth. I absolutely hate how this man thinks, his beliefs which I really don't know him at all, but all these actions say a lot. It wouldn't have been the first time I would've walked out on him. I thought, so now they aren't customers, fuck em, survival of the fittest right? Right, as if I could ever count on him for help if I was ever in need and needed a jump in some parking lot.
*Update:I realized just after composing this, the issue isn't necessarily the branch manager. Well, it is because this story is about him, but my predicament is with my supervisor, who has failed to make manager, and it's obvious to me why, so he's not technically supervisor, just the one everyone goes to. The branch manager is wise, mature and professional, abrasive but, okay. It's this other guy clouding my mind with negativity, immaturity, bad attitude, toxicity, and passion/aggression. Here's to a better day.