What's worse? Coronavirus air? Or wildfire air? Either way there's still these complete unaffected selfish excuses for our fellow comrades in life that show no caution in either case and have me baffled questioning my sanity. Maybe they fear nothing? Sickness, flu, or covid doesn't affect their lives or someone they love. Breathing fresh, clean air, headaches are never their worry. As I'm sure they have absolutely no clue, care, concern, or worry for all the wildlife, Trees, other plant life, homes, and life lost from fire or covid because they live in a world where they sit in bubble baths drinking bottled water and champagne, maybe with a cigar. The bottom line is so many like them just couldn't care less what's happens for the better good of human life and earth.
But between the two, or three, or four, maybe five topics already in play or about to happen, the newest disaster makes us forget about the last one.