Is it me?
Am I too sensitive?
When I call to work which I don't do often, but we'll get to the point where the only reason employees call is for bad news like I'm sick today, but my reason isn't that, and I haven't worked there too long, so I do not know if the receptionist will recognize me by voice, or if I just say my name, so I say, hey it's me, i work there, and instead of a warm greeting like how's it going, or how are you, the response is, "uh, uh," like a bored what now, I get the sense they only get bad news, and it's predictable why employees are calling, that I get a little offended by the lack of enthusiasm to talk to me. Am I too sensitive?
The other one is if I frequent a bar like the few I frequent, except these few bars where the bartendars know me well and treat me like they see me all the time, and in one case, my infatuation with the bartender, and I know it's reciprocated too, but we don't go there, that they seem happy to see me, or call me by my name, as opposed to this one bar in particular where i know the bartendars and i know we know each other, I know their names, but it is as if they've never seen me before? Am I missing something? What did I do wrong? I tip well.
Help me out