What's up with sports? Like only certain coaches or players wearing masks, and in football or basketball, definite lack of 6ft distance, all touching each other, this contradicts the whole narrative of 6ft distance, no, I dont understand how that's okay, and then fans cant go watch. It seems weird to me. Like how is it okay now, these hundreds of players and coaches all touching each other, or this bike race I saw where a few fans got masks but the cyclists all riding, huffing and puffing air all over the place.
What's your thoughts on these socially distanced concerts in big open fields or parking lots with designated spaces for cars or the groups. Like I heard people saying they like it, they dont have drunk folks trampling all over their blankets, or encroaching too much into someone's space of which they went super duper early to reserve but later it doesnt matter when it's so crowded and everyone blends.
And I heard these anticovids says, look at what's happening to us, barriers and boundaries between us creating segregation but I'm like yeah right, as if you would hug, or touch or shake hands with a stranger to begin with. As if you would huddle up right next to someone at a table or for that matter put down your phone, and talk to your stranger neighbor, I'm like come on, you arent that friendly and open to begin, and probably wanna be alone with your phone with people sitting right next to you. Am I right?