There's a mythology that boomers are selfish. This is kind of ridiculous since boomers (and those a little older, born say 1938-45) started and/or wholeheartedly supported everything that is unselfish—communes, anti-war movements, health food, co-ops, alternative medicine, gay rights, women's rights, book clubs, and a host of other-centered and altruistic aspects of society. It is Gen-Y and millenials who started or extended: Gordon Gecko-like greed as a creed, homeschooling overkill and white-flight from public schools, narcissistic Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and preferring your smartphone to anyone who is actually living and right in front of you. The previous rant about coldness has everything to do with selfishness—millenials are in it for what they can get out of you, not the communal acceptance and enjoyment of our shared humanity. Some boomers are Trump supporters, but look at the video evidence—a lot of the hysteria is coming from Gen-X on down the line, screaming and hitting people who are different from themselves.
Boomers are responsible for your miserable capitulation to corporations? climate change? mean people? OK, Whiner.