To answer your question, someone with the right to personal safety? Politicians know what they are getting into when they sign up for life in the public eye. And I’d assume a majority of them have some sort of added protections in place. Posting information on individual protesters is a little different, especially in these times where “right wing” includes a fair percentage of individuals who have both mental health problems and access to guns. I can sense your gleeful thrill at the idea of “retribution” or perhaps just some much needed excitement in your life. Might I kindly suggest sticking a fork into an electrical outlet instead?


Maybe politicians should treat people how they want to be treated? Oh, and Andy Ngo isn't a journalist in any way, shape, or form. Just a sad little coward and a professional victim who deserves a dump truck full of karmic retribution.

As for you, OP: Go peddle your bootlickin' sympathies someplace else.


Right on OP. Doxxing people, giving out home addresses, threatening their personal safety should be frowned upon. @1 Sure the president has a secret service detail but your average politician does not. Also here in PDX it was an Antifa guy that took the first life not the other way around.


@3 that’s not what I meant by retribution. And even if local politicians don’t have much in the way of security, it’s still not the same as a protester being targeted by a hate group.

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