I been waking up at 2 or 3 am lately, sometimes from not sleeping at all, or passing out around 9 or 10 pm then waking up. It happens for whatever reason then I struggle to sleep before work, or just stay up enjoying myself when I don't work.
My point is, it's quiet especially with Pandemonium, Protests, and Fires going on. You can see interesting things at that time. I don't remember any. I can't recall any.
We got rain right now. Thunder. Lightning. That was the hardest rain I've seen in a while. Here's the thing. We wanted it.
But when it rains too much, you all whine. I can't remember a rainy, bad winter for years now, just so all these newbies moving here know.
If it snows, snow day. Come on, such pansies for every excuse not to work.
Now you aren't working, and I don't hear a single complaint about it.
If it rains too much, worry about flood, and wishing for summer time. If it's too hot which Portland summers can be, wish for rain. I especially love watching fans in shopping carts in the middle of a heat spell. You didn't see it coming?
You people get what you want and cry about it when it's too much.
I hope for the worst winter. Flooding and raining hard. So every newbie who thinks they can handle the Portland winter discovers what it's like to walk home at night in the cold, from work, with groceries, in the pouring rain.
Who's crying now?