the closure of in class instruction disproportionately affects families in poverty, single parent households, and minority and immigrant populations. Here's why it is inequitable to close in class instruction to these populations.
1. A single parent who must work to pay rent and buy food is now expected to homeschool their children at home. If that single parent has a teenaged child, more often we see older students foregoing thier education to help their parent with teaching their younger sibling. This hinders equal access and equith in having a free public education.
2. A poverty level family who must complete work training or a college degree, now cannot do so because their children schooling is expected to be done at home.
3. Minority groups like POC, women, and disabled people have a great disadvantage to accessing and providing quality public education!
Issuing chrome books and providing internet Hotspot doesn't equal equity.
We need schools opened, not because you think parents want them open for free childcare, or because you think parents are tired of their children, no, its because these families, these children don't have equal access to an education. Supporters of closed schools seem to not want to uphold our rights.