Im fine with online shopping and deliveries for groceries too now. When you live 20 min walking to the nearest 7-11, that ain't food, Pizza ain't bad, or a whole walk and bus ride to a grocery, it's too much hassle. Prepandomonium, post, or during, I gotta look after time and mind. Grubhub has always come through for me, cept a time the delivery was made, and I did not get it. So if food is stolen well by driver, well, who know what else could be happening to our food. but in this case, the driver got the wrong address. i mean these days with GPS tracking, google maps and you still get lost, something is wrong with you where you'll never have experience with street instincts and direction. I also take care of drivers with tips but now with contactless, sorry, when there is not personal grattitude shown, my tips are still tips, but a few dollars less. YES, TIPS ARE EARNED not because you work a minimum wage job.
I did online grocery with Safeway a few times. It's work great all but this last time where it could have been me that was stoned and shit seemed weird. You can pick a 2 hour window for 6 bucks or a 4 hour one for 4 bucks. Works well for heavy shit, you know walking again, and multiple trips, and for uncomplicated, non-fruit items. I had the four window and I could track my delivery. I watched it the first 2 hours then it went offline. I didn't get a call until the four hours were up that the delivery would be late. I wasn't pissed, remember stoned, but it was cumbersome.