Safeway, cont. Driver showed up without mask. I didn't think of that til later. It was also just a weird feeling, truly awkward, not sure what was happening. There was one item substituted, like he wanted to go through the receipt and i wanted to go about my day. I said sorry, I can't tip a late delivery. He understood said, we can't accept tips anyway, and said it wasn't his fault. I felt a little bad. I don't understand who this technology works, who is doing the delivering, and who is doing the shopping? And the waiting, you know Petty, I can't concentrated deeply on other parts of life expecting something.
FedexSmartPost? This artstore uses them. Online, my delivery was scheduled for yesterday. Then checking a day later, the delivery date went dark. I called Fedex, they said they partner with USPS, so it's in their hands. I contacted artstore, they reconfirmed everything but neither FEDex, or Usps had any information about my delivery. by the way, add 92 infront of FEDex tracking number and that is the Usps tracking number. So now, my delivery is scheduled for today, and with FEDEX.
I have no idea how all this shit works, and how for me it seems complicated with technology and different companies, and what they see is what i see, so they tell me what i already know, and don't know shit more than i do.