I thought I could catch a quick rinser before the kettle blew, so I was barely awake. I went downstairs to use the shower so I wouldn't wake up everyone else. The pre-dawn had that familiar edge of optimism. But as I turned the corner and flipped on the bathroom light something came over me, like a heavy cloak. It was fight or flight. My ears were ringing, 110% awake. I reached out with both hands, one to fight with and one to wrestle the bath towel off the rack, give it the death rattle, and toss it hard into the shower. Low and behold, a Big Brown the size of a silver dollar crawled out, unharmed and unfazed, from under the heap and jumped straight at me. I screamed . I ran. I chased. It got away. The kettle was going off. The children were crying. "They could sense my fear. I couldn't tell them the real truth. How did I know she was in there? I don't know.