Back to normal, everyone.
New normal or whatever the fuck we are calling it these days.
Or resume as you were the rest of you, which was not caring to begin with.
I don't understand.
I no longer see social distancing wherever I go, at least a few times a day, especially within groups, at work, or walking, or travelling, or like today at the mall. But said groups, some will have masks, some will be eating, sipping drinks, smoking. Families too, walking joyfully down the streets in groups of five with no masks.
How does anyone know what is going on with the other?
All caution has been tossed into the toilet.
It's really seeming as if this whole thing is a hoax, and Americans are proving it, not necessarily by disregard or rebellion, except for those that have been living that way from the start, but plainly from moving forward like something like nine eleven just goes away with time.
Or maybe it's that I'm a loner and have no friends.