I would love to tear off every chin strap coming into my grocery warehouse that supplies food solely to restaurants and food carts. I've had two customers, could be the same guy, call me afraid, scared, and liberal for asking nicely to wear their masks. I watched another coworker say that to some asswipe carrying mask in his hand, when asked to wear it, he said it was broken. But my coworker prevailed and said you still need to wear it. Broken is a new excuse from can't breathe, look funny, don't believe in them, my rights. For some reason too, for me, they have no problem mouthing off when they don't to any of my coworkers. I cannot comprehend the chin guard. For fucks sake, this is why I wanna tear it off your stupid, ugly face. You won, you got into shop, so you take it off, then probably mask up again on your way out, probably do not too. Here'a the thing fuckface. You look stupid no matter your motive. Just so you don't have to attempt to put one on, don't come in for the shit you need for your restaurant, period, exclamation.. Also, you work in a restaurant or food truck. Are you maskless in there you princess pussy, baby dick adult? I asked what's your restaurant to which you became nice because my coworker was there. You were too chicken ass scared to say where. I hope you're out of business soon. I don't care your political stance, religious belief, science, moral ethics or rights. I started coughing at people I walk by with my mask on. No worries, buddies, my mask is on when I cough. I'm just gonna start coughing uncovered all day. It's just weed.