I have to help load customer's cars with their groceries. Customers who are perfectly able bodied in many cases. It can be a lot of really heavy stuff and also often times a lot of heavy stuff with lighter stuff that fills up vans, truck beds, and SUVS.
All part of the job and that's cool and fine. I don't need a gym membership. I get paid to work out.
Here's what bothers us:
When you park far away, and we have to push all this heavy stuff on the rough terrain, bumpy concrete.
When your vehicle is a mess. Please take care of that shit beforehand.
We cannot and will not get in your vehicle.
When you want things packed a certain way, and start ordering us to pack it your way with how you see it in your mind, but we already have a plan and do not have a glimpse into your mind. So do it yourself then, please.
When you move stuff we just loaded into your car because again, you want it a certain way. Again, do it yourself because you are not helping and making it all complicated.
I have succeeded at this 100% of the time. I know how to load a car efficiently. It's visioning space and object. Like chess, seeing a few moves in advance.
Lastly, 99% of the time, after all of that physical work, we walk away without your generosity, but baristas will cry over not receiving tips.