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Follow the money. The most basic journalistic investigative tool. However it was not employed in the Mueller "investigation." By ignoring the financial trail that connects Trump to Russian Oligarchs, the American people were left ignorant of the ability of Putin to blackmail the President of the United States.

Every single questionable action Trump has taken as President has advanced the Russian aim of weakening America's international position. Trump has alienated our allies and advanced the aims of dictators violating human rights.

All of this is okay however in the eyes of the GOP because hey SCOTUS and owning the Libs.

Our conservative fellow citizens will refuse to look at any of the evidence because facts are no longer facts when alternative facts are available.


I think you give Trump too much credit. He's not capable of devising a devious plan and then implementing it like a supervillain. He's a malignant narcissist therefore he requires constant adulation, fame, stardom, and praise (so-called "narcissistic supply"). He has almost no attention span. He's also very prone to magical thinking. I've known people like him. If they want reality to be a certain way then they declare it to be so and refuse to be deterred by anything that challenges the new outlook. A form of this is the trend among evangelicals to "claim" something from God, like a healing, and then accept that it is now yours. If you did not receive the healing then your faith was not strong enough (or you were watching too much online porn.) When Trump declared that the virus would be go away I believe he really believed that it would. As bad as things are it's a good thing that we have a 5 year old as POTUS. If we had someone like Stalin or Saddam Hussein we would be in so much trouble.


He absolutely did. He said it. He made the decision to downplay it, made the decision to not send masks to the people, made the decision to leave states twisting in the wind with how to respond because he wanted people to die, specifically people in blue states, people he believed if they died would improve his chances of remaining as the squatter in the White House. His depraved indifference to life and his decisions made as "president" that murdered over 205,000 people in this country are treasonous acts. He should be executed for his crimes.


Hanlon's razor: never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.


The president wants you dead — and so do his friends and advisers. It's that simple
It's not adequate to say that Trump's regime is stupid and incompetent. That's true — but the malice runs deeper

Perhaps it is the single most satisfying stroke of his ego to realize that he has the ability to save people's lives, but chooses not to do so. It is by now common to compare Trump to a cult leader. As Jonestown, Heaven's Gate, the Order of the Solar Temple and many other cults have demonstrated, the leaders of especially destructive cult movements eventually turn on their own people, ordering mass suicide as the ultimate exercise of power.


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