people who have never had children or raised children, should never have weight in any discussion regarding parenting.

While we all were children at one point, and some of us were not raised well by our own parents, or even raised at all, we have zero say in how to parent or what parents think if we have not had children ourselves.

I'll clarify though, everyone does have and should have input in how to protect our communities children, but when it comes to things like complaining about families going to restaurants, outdoor recreational places, schools, movie theaters etc, you have no weight kn any discussions on these if you have not actually had a child.

Id say its kind of the same thing about how men have no say in what a woman chooses to do with her body because well, hes not a woman right?
Well, if you aren't a parent, your opinion is irrevelevent.

Also, quit referring to children as "offspring." That dehumanizes them into a subhuman reference, and I hate to break it to all the haters on us breeders, but uh, our children actually matter in this world.

News flash too, you can have children without increasing carbon emissions! Don't hurt your brain trying to look into it.