I'm walking in a crosswalk at a four way intersection at night, with well lit stop signs at every corner. I'm not wearing a reflective vest or am using a night light. I have one. My bad. Nor do a lot of other people wear reflective outerwear or have flashing lights. FYI. It's a poor excuse but it's reality. Noone wants to be really seen wearing that shiny yellow. Yes, it is vain. Humans are vain.
You roll up to the stop sign with a crosswalk. Stopping is what you do. I'll also add, you're supposed to look all ways before you go. I'd say almost every driver does not stop at a stop sign and look all ways. Especially if they're turning right, they're looking left for their getaway, not right at you. So you accelerate but you suddenly see me in front of you and stop. Sorry, I'd already been crossing from the other side of the street, and was currently in the middle of the road so I figured you saw me walking. I waved my hands. You motioned. I walked up to your car, you rolled down the window.
You said, "I can't see you, dark clothing." Okay is that your excuse everytime you might run into someone. You didn't get super close. Anyone saying they almost got run over is usually exaggerating. Nothing about sorry, but clearly stating I'm too blame. I said, "you better pay attention." Which I think you should. Stop sign means stop and look all ways, in front of you is one way.
Both sides could be at fault and both sides blame the other. Why can't it be both sides may be wrong and admitting a wrong even if you don't see it instead of having no accountability.