Please keep your dog/s away from me.
I realize Portland is a super dog-having town, but not everyone likes or is particularly fond of the vile curs.
Some people are really traumatized by dogs. ( like myself ) I mean, have you ever had to deal with feral dogs? It's a real thing in some parts of the world.
I know it's hard for your sheltered, suburban ass to fathom such a thing, but just wait until you get chased home at dusk by a pack of glowing- eyed feral dogs who may or not be may not be rabid. You cannot outrun them and are pretty much fucked for the encounter.
So to paraphrase William S Burroughs: please keep your filthy, fawning, shit-eating, carrion-rolling, baby-killing beast away from me, thank you.
p.s. I taught my cat to jump up and use the toilet like a person; she's a very clean, delicate and hygenic creature.
I want you to think of me the next time you're grabbing a handful of your dog's nasty warm crap.