Whenever I venture into a store I try to go at non-peak hours to maintain social distancing. And every single time I go semen demons are running around literally bumping into me, masks off and sticky fingers touching everything in sight.
I get that being a kid sucks. I also get that it must be horrible for them being cooped up during a pandemic. But here's the thing...it's not my problem. But I look at the parents they are just staring at their phones, ACTIVELY ignoring the little darling petri dishes as they create a miasma of plague-y mayhem around me it REALLY pisses me off.
You made the decision to have kids. I am childfree. I gladly pay taxes for your kid's school and zoom etc. But I shouldn't have to feel like a fucking babysitter and try to remind children to social distance and then get attitude from parents about it. Stop ignoring your kids and making them everyone else's problems.