Almost anywhere I go I get stared at. It's not from me staring at people or looking at them either. I just get stared at.
I'm old now too, just entered my 30s, you'd think I'd stop getting stared at!
But the thing is this staring dates back to when I was in highscjool, it contributed to my self image issues. Back then I'd get followed, honked at, harassed, asked out on dates constantly. I never thought myself attractive either, as a portrait artist I see all the asymetries in my face. I wouldn't even draw my own facw as a symbol of beauty.
So why am I still getting stared at? It has to be down to looking old and having a misshapen face now. I can't think of any other reason. Or maybe my mannerisms are weird and that's why? Or it's my RBF thing I've got from all the times men told me to effing smile for them.