Please, for the love of god, stop sharing every single fucking detail of your ongoing medical woes on Facebook. I want to hoard memes, hate on Ted Cruz and look at photos of cute animals NOT read about your thrice daily updates on the cold you might have, your IBS troubles, your undiagnosed Epstein Barre, your terminal bunions. That unexplained acne on your chin? Probably not Covid. That cramp in your wrist? Probably not cancer. Loose stools after eating Greek food(you know who you are) is probably not your imaginary Lyme disease flaring up again. You don't have Celiac's, please stop it. I guess I could block you but you still send my current partner thirsty dm's sometimes. You should know that whenever you do that, I read your posts out loud to them in what I imagine is your dumb, whiny bitch voice.