It’s disgusting how many passes Portland has given its corrupt cops.

Over the years they have:

Rewarded Nazis with leadership positions
Directly collaborated with suspected domestic terrorists under federal investigation
Repeatedly conspired to use excessive use of force against Portland citizens
Repeatedly submitted false information in their reports to conceal their crimes and the crimes of others
Enabled Union interference in Police investigations
Willfully embellished details of a potential crime in an attempt to frame an Elected City Official

Just to name a few already in the public sphere, and now they get to negotiate with the Justice Dept. how many illegal actions they get to continue to take?

Did the Portlanders they attacked get a nice letter and a chance to negotiate?

Did the Portlanders they murdered get a chance before a Federal Judge to argue their case against the PPB?

It’s obvious they can’t read, so how can we expect them to enforce the law.

Just start arresting them already, you got the goods, what are you waiting for?

Police will whine about how unfairly they are being treated, and complain about how they signed up for a dangerous job so everyone should look the other way when they are incompetent of performing their duties, but they already whine and complain. And they aren’t even creative about it anymore.

That’s what the PPB is known for corruption, incompetence, fascist violence, whining, and complaining.

They certainly aren’t known for following the law.