I work with these guys who all day long, well first off, have comments for everything. They listen only so they can talk about themselves. And with these assanine comments that are shallow, prejudicial and totally misinformed. It's hard to listen to. It's just disgusting and completely annoying. Some people tell a story not looking for advice, or for you to turn their storie's focus on your life. Also critics will criticize everyone but themselves. So all day long it's, "I don't like," or "I hate'" per whatever topic is being discussed. Where does all this come from?
Oh yea, it comes from them feeling small, insignificant, and not amounting to much in their own life I'm sure of it. Also why is it the first thing always stated is a proclamation of what they hate or don't like? It's never the beauty of anything even though there may be things ugly about whatever it is. You can't have one without the other. The ugly makes the beautiful more. Always a silver lining. Why can't they appreciate that? But it's always hate because it's not what they do or would do. Why hate? It's not always about YOU either. The comment or criticism says more about their character than the core of what the comment is about. I also have never learned more about someone by never asking them a question. Also, who we are as humans comes out naturally by what we do. The more someone professes this is what I am and this is what I do, the more insecurity and bullshit I see. Please keep your comments to social media. I don't have to read it. Having to listen to these comments is my brain screaming shut up.