To those (Republicans), who think everyone collecting unemployment are simply leeches on the government teet, try paying people a living wage & provide at least basic benefits, & then see if people continue to turn down all the fabulous jobs that are supposedly out there.

If you’re a skilled worker, or have at least somewhat of an education & were gainfully employed, & found yourself laid-off, who in their right mind is going to go work at McDonald’s or dispensary just because they’re hiring? People should plan for situations like this, but that’s another rant.
Unemployment got a lot of families through this last year, who suddenly found themselves with massive health care & childcare bills & it’s not yet over.

To those restaurateurs who are all over the local news, arguing that unemployment “incentivizes” laziness & they can’t get dishwashers & cooks—PAY THEM a fair wage. Most are undocumented workers anyway & aren’t eligible for unemployment, so your argument is weak. If You didn’t plan for a “rainy day” then get out of the game. Most of you don’t know how to run a business anyway. Oh, but I’m sure you didn’t turn down PPP monies, now did you?