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Thank you for sharing how you feel. Even anonymously, that can be hard these days with the level of bullying and hostility being encouraged though out our community.

There's nothing wrong with wearing a mask it makes you feel less anxious during this transition. There are many cultures around the world that were using masks before the pandemic and their communities statistically faired much better than ours because of those traditions.

I'd like to apologize for any hurtful comments Portlanders may have leveled at you for your thoughtful contribution to the discussion. Despite our reputation for "keeping things weird," our supposed celebration of multi-culturalism and our claim of being an open community that is accepting of different cultures, lifestyles and perspectives, Portland is very much still struggling with many who have difficulty with rude, imperious, and undiscerning impulses. But that's their choice, and they absolutely get to choose what they want to project on their world.

As long as you aren't harming yourself or others, there is no reason you shouldn't feel safe to do whatever makes you feel happy. Whether that's wearing a mask, getting a tattoo, riding a double decker bike, eating a peanut butter, fish & mustard sandwhich, or embracing you kinks and fetishes.

Reject established social norms. Be Weird. Make unpopular choices. Be happy. Do something a stranger would tell a curious story about. Be Kind. Dance like no one's ever seen before. Be Yourself.

You are the only person who can be you and the world desperately needs more you in it.

Let's get weird.




It's your thing, do what you wanna do


Yeah I like the anonymity of masks, as well as the fact I haven't had a cold in almost 2 years. Masks forever!


Be wary of commenters quoting statistics. They're usually made up to fit that commenters narrative. You know who I'm looking at. False info all around, false info here for sure.

Wear your mask if you want. Regardless of the false info spread here, there are many aspects of life that are most definitely not under the same mask guidelines for the vaccinated. If you conflate shopping with daily life, then you may see it as still the same, because those guidelines haven't really changed. But if you actually like to leave your home, recreate, etc. those guidelines are way different for the vaxxed.

If you haven't gotten vaxxed yet, why not? Help OR reach its goal.


Be wary of commenters refusing to acknowledge facts and calling out commenters who present facts as being unreliable. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but facts are facts and they serve no one's agenda.




Re: Delta variant of COVID





To Christina Rae:
Thank you.


Yep, goal of 65% of the state, 68.8% achieved. Goal met and beat.


Absolutely love it when people don't expect you to check their work and assume that the links they post back up what they're "proving". Sorry, not sorry, you just proved yourself wrong lolololololloooll


Not to mention when no names are mentioned the guilty party assumes all blame and begins their defense as if the finger had been pointed at them. hhahahahahahahahha


Lies are lies. Distortion of fact does not equal fact.

Be wary of commenters quoting statistics. They're usually made up to fit that commenters narrative. You know who I'm looking at. (directly from @9)

Goal was 70% Always was. Still is.

Oregon will end mask requirements for even unvaccinated people when 70% of adults have at least one dose

Gov. Brown: Oregon ‘incredibly close’ to 70% adult vaccination goal, lifting restrictions
SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Gov. Kate Brown announced only a few updates Tuesday to county risk levels under the state's public health framework to reduce transmission and protect Oregonians from COVID-19. But she said the state has moved "incredibly close" to the 70% adult first-dose vaccination goal that will lift most restrictions statewide.

Oregon won’t hit Monday’s target to lift coronavirus restrictions as vaccinations plummet
The goal seemed attainable if a bit optimistic two weeks ago, when state officials said they would lift most masking and distancing requirements when 70% of Oregonians 18 and older had been at least partially vaccinated.

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