The world is a toilet that is long overdue for a flush. I have never seen a more disgusting display of selfishness and hate than I have the last year and a half. Tonight is the boom boom icing on the shit stain cake that we have become. I have become so depressed and anxious that I don’t know what to do anymore. To all of you that refuse to at least make an attempt at being a decent human being, I hope you get what you deserve. To those of you that have not lost faith in humanity, I envy the strength you have that I obviously never will. I hope you get what you deserve too. Me, I’m not going to try anymore. I just don’t have the energy and I’ve given up. I’m going to turn inward and try to live out my last 10-20 years taking care of myself. Call me selfish if you wish… I just don’t fucking care anymore.