It's always interesting to see the lengths people will go to preserve their own personal status quo, no matter how harmful that status quo may be to themselves or others.

It can be difficult to take a hard look at ourselves and how we are behaving toward each other. It's even more difficult for those among us who have a personal and public responsibility to make objective decisions on behalf of our community. I don't believe any decision is ever 100% objective, but its honestly uprising to see so many people fail to cover their own ass when its comes to obvious bias and conflicts of interests.

My first instinct was to call these people cowards, but that's no where near accurate, these are brave people who can be proven to know better yet keep making choices contrary to their personal self-interest. It might be vanity, or hubris, I'm not as telepathic as I used to be so its hard to say. But its so frustrating to watch those with power and influence continue to choose a path of petty games and bickering rather than follow the example of Dr. King and others to find a way to build bridges and unite our communities.

Perhaps Good Will has truly left this city. I don't see anyone stepping up to take on the overt corruption happening in our city and our politics. I had some hope for the DA, but it's more than clear he's already been compromised by corrupt interests across the spectrum. And don't even get me started on all the things this city's journalists are declining to investigate their friends for or choosing to publish...