There are legitimate medical and religious reasons not to take a vaccine. Yes, those reasons are being disingenuously abused by many who seek to exercise power over others. But these people are really suffering. These people are really dying. And while they may bare some personal responsibility for their decision not to get vaccinated, we as people in their community do as well. We have failed to educate them. We have failed to protect them. We have failed to resource our collaborative success. These people are dying more from community failures the personal failures. Let’s keep that in mind as we witness some in our community cheer on the suffering and death of their neighbors.


@2 Nope. Nice try though. There is literally no reason not to get one of the vaccines, as two of the vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) contain nothing but a scientific miracle. They show your body what the virus looks like, they teach your body how to fight it, they prepare your body should you get it, and then that's it. Your body is left with the power to fight the virus. As it was, that is, not how it will be when it has mutated and mutated again thanks to assholes who won't get vaccinated.

The people that are dying are the assholes who refuse to get vaccinated and never will because they are nut jobs who would rather eat livestock deworming meds than get a vaccination shot. And they have really fucked us, fucked us beyond belief. They are the reason why the virus has and continues to mutate. They are the reason children are now getting it and spreading it to vaccinated adults. They are the reason that insurance companies have decided NO MORE waiving of COVID related hospitalization fees. Which would seem great, right, they ought to PAY 100% for their hospitalizations, HOWEVER, the other people they get sick - the breakthrough cases of the vaccinated, all of the children who can't get vaccinated, well now those people and families will face financial ruin because of the unwashed, unvaxxed, anti-masker conspiracy theory fucks. Fuck them.


I don’t enjoy witnessing humans or animals suffer and die. It’s the definition of cruelty to celebrate such things. It’s a profoundly sad thing that’s happening both to them and to us.


@2: " And while they may bare some personal responsibility for their decision "

They bare total responsibility for their choices.
That those choices should then cause harm to someone who wasn't a total fucking moron, by taking up space in an ICU, or any other resource is simply unconscionable.

My read of the original comment: Don't use ICU space on those who chose to not get vaccinated. I didn't see anything about denying them care. Just about the quality of the accommodations where that care is provided. And maybe if the O2 starts running low?
Yeah. Fuck em.
A parking lot is perfectly adequate.


And while we're at it, don't let any smokers into ICU. PERIOD! They had their chance(s) to take the most basic precaution, but where just to blind or stubborn to stop smoking. Fuck'm.


@9, Good Idea! Most would be maga douche anyway so problem solved!
But smoking in a time of a pandemic which attacts the respiratory sysrem? It's called a "death wish."

Maybe your invisible friend told you not to get vaccinated, fine. Then your invisible friend can heal you. Away from the rest of us.
Your medical condition precludes your being vaccinated, then that suggests it would definitely be in your best interest to stay the fuck at home and far away from others so that you don't get exposed.
Sucks, I know but your inability to be vaccinated is not the fault of those who are vaccinated, and you behaving in any way other than with ultra extreme caution places the rest of us in danger. As well as yourself.

My question; why do the unvaccinated (over the minimum age) need to be told what is plainly obvious.


'member when Assholes
said AIDS was 'no Disease"
but instead a fucking Cure?

I do.


Christina I don't think adopting nazis methods is um... very good

Other than that yeah, let sociopaths ..... die. If they want to take others down.

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