I am begging you. From the bottom of our hearts. Please stop celebrating death. Please stop denying the humanity of these people. These people are our neighbors. These people are our community.

You aren’t smarter then them, you’ve had the enormous benefit of the privilege of a decent education. They aren’t stupid, they have a different way of processing and accepting information as communities.

These are human beings with families, with pets. Their injuries and deaths represent our own failures to defend them from common harms. Our failures to include them in our safety nets.

You know what it is like to feel confused. You know what its like to be stubborn. You know what it's like to not to trust a source of information others do.

We are all the same. We feel all the same things. They are feeling scared and confused. We know what its like to feel scared and confused.

Please take a moment to examine how I behave when I see others suffering in pain.