"our city did that to them".....riiiight. That's a very broad generalization.


The "homeless problem" is a pretty clearcut institutional problem. Humans are shitty animals. Just give everyone a place to shit and a home to be free.


Sorry what? Tell me humans don't have assholes with poopies coming out of them


OP is spot on. We & the city should be finding ways to make accommodations for the homeless, including expanding and finding solutions for low income housing.
Homeless people are still people, and need access to bathrooms, hygiene, and at the very least city needs to haul the garbage away. I see children in those tents now and it's heartbreaking. Some people don't have family to fall back on and live paycheck to paycheck. With the rising housing costs what did we expect? I want my tax dollars going towards humanitarian efforts, not the PPD.


Mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone won the support of a well known local who designed a remarkable homeless encampment, Mark Lakeman. This new group People for Portland - article in the Tribune this week - "We're looking for folks to be provided safe and sanitary places to be at least temporarily housed while long-term solutions get addressed." If I remember correctly, their website suggests tent encampments appropriately located with all the facilities. I agree with decent tent encampments - no dusty gravel lot internment camps surrounded with chain link fencing - as a necessary first step, then housing. Every effort from mister Wheeler comes with a multi-million dollar price tag - ka-ching - and dreary institutionalized settings that most homeless will avoid, the predictable outcome.


Yep I also voted for Sarah and was so disappointed she didn't win.


Sarah was deceitfully painted as Antifa. I've never seen her in all black
nor cozying up to the black masked black block. She is I'm sure, like
most people against fascism. The simplest definition of fascism is
"Big Business control of Government." Mussolini's "bundling of fasci sticks"
included brutal local police law enforcement and overtly racist vigilante.


While it's true the Sarah was slandered by the right, those people were never going to vote for her anyway. Sarah lost because of the Raiford write-in campaign. Period. The sooner the activist community learns the lesson of this, the sooner meaningful progress will be able to be made.


Sarah Railford began her campaign amiably but wilted under political pressure and resorted to hot tempered rhetoric, choosing sides that won too few voters, but enough to hamstring Iannarone's chances. Ted Wheeler owns the corporate construction worker and high tech sector approval of younger emigrants fleeing cities in worse shape than Portland. The homeless crisis is a national disgrace left to fester by conservative business interests who pretty much own all big USAmerican cities, including Portland. Disaster capitalism at work remaking leftwing cities like Portland into conservative bastions of flaming hypocrisy.


Where do you think all that trash comes from? Perhaps those angelic homeless folks you are referring to can clean up after themselves?

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