I have a small bladder, and it can be really tough sometimes, especially now with COVID precautions. My job has me in a car 40+ hours a week, driving through out the metro area. Pre-Rona there were restaurants and gas stations where I'd stop to pee.

Now though? Nothing's open for bathrooms. Nobody wants you if you just need to pee. The city dropped the red portapotties all over, but those are too disgusting to use. I mean, really bad. Use your imagination then add a multiplier.

Luckily though, the city decriminalized peeing and pooping in public!

So now I just find a quiet are of a parking lot (or parking garage (I'm looking at you Safeway Powell/Chavez!) and pee all over. I'm respectful, I'm not peeing on cars and I don't let people see my dingus, but I know I've been noticed before. Oh well, it's legal!

Portland is the city of urine!