Here's you, working a horrible job in a horrible car dealership in the hinterland of Parkrose. You hate yourself and your life apparently, because you've done something for which the karma is going to be hellacious. You didn't like it that when I came in I was, even at my age, slimmer, taller, better looking and better dressed than you, you shlub, so you tried to dis me. When that didn't work and I called you on it, you persuaded your mechanic buddies in the back to turn on the light in the backseat area of my sedan where it's hard to notice (I'm over 70 and don't drive at night). That's a truly sneaky and pretty surely unaccountable way to get your petty revenge—to run down my battery and give me headaches. But what you don't realize is that sneaky harm done to innocent people—all I asked was to be treated with respect as a customer—is going to f your life forever, baby. I've known a lot of revengeful people too cowardly to take open revenge, who do these kinds of craven tricks that they think they get away with, and all their lives they have bad luck and end up with nothing but problems. On the other hand, despite your attempt to harm me, I got a new battery at half-price out of the deal and I continue to live a happy, lucky life. I stand up for myself and I fight openly if I am angry; people respect me and like me for it. Is there really anyone who likes and respects you?