You are literally two parking spaces from the shopping cart return. What the fuck is wrong with you that you can't walk the cart the 5 fucking meters and return it where the others are. Or even better yet, have one of the kids you are with do it.

All they have to do is push it under the huge sign that says "Shopping Cart Return." It has a picture of a shopping cart on it and it has plenty of carts already returned there if you need examples.

Yes, life is complex and complicated. And we are all burned out and have been through some rough shit. But what's the big issue with returning a grocer cart when you are done with it.

There are antivaxxers who understand this basic societal concept. Think about that. You are performing at a lower level than antivaxxers.

This isn't about science. This isn't about politics. This isn't an ethical conundrum. This is basic fucking kindergarten level shit.

Just return the grocery cart because if nothing else, you would have helped one burnt out frontline retail worker's job slightly easier and contributed to the increased peace of at least one other human being.

You can even pretend I'm begging if it helps.