Before Mt Saint Helens blew up in 1980, spelunking sounded like fun. Ape caves off Hwy 503 east of Cougar Warshington are the longest "lava tubes" in the US, maybe 16' in diameter. The surface entrance is a vertical descent on a sturdy stairway zig zagging straight down maybe 30' I forget. At the bottom you walk the lightless tube one way or the other. After an hour my group of 6 friends reached the narrow end of the south section. We retraced our steps back past the stairway to walk the north section. Here's where it got weird. After another hour of creeping along in the dark northern section, lit by dim flashlights, having fun making spooky noises and all that, we reversed course to come back to the stairway. When we got there, we had returned from the southern segment instead of the northern segment. No one was drinking or smoking any wacky weed. How we got lost in the caves I'll never know. Are Ape Caves haunted?