Listen, we get it. You are confused and hurt. You feel attacked and violated. We've been there.

Not all the signals you get make sense, and they aren't all necessarily for you. Some are genuine happenstances and others are tricksters seeing what they can pull over on you. Don't worry too much about them. One thing that's helped us when feeling confused is to step away from things that are man-built. To separate ourselves from the influence of technology over us and ruminate on the goings-on of plants and familiar creatures we share this world with. Be mindful of the grazing.

Have you had a chance to rest and think? Are you back now? Okay, then we think you are ready.

The thing is, at this point, we are going to be part of history whether we like it or not.

The biggest change that has happened is we no longer need to ask "if" we will be remembered. That has already happened. The documentation has been going on for quite a while and there are no signs of us stopping that documentation anytime soon. So we have now arrived at the next question, "how."

How do you want to be remembered?

Do we want to be remembered for holding the door open for others? Do we want to be remembered for catalyzing peace? Do we want to be remembered for reaching out our hands and pulling others up? Do we want to be remembered for healing wounds? Do we want to be remembered for our comforting words? Do we want to be remembered for the balance we brought to the world together?

It's hard. You don't have to pretend it isn't. But it's also worth it.

We are worth our best selves.

We believe in you.