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There is an infinite amount of hope.


It's been clear for a very long time that unless you're wealthy or a special friend, you don't much matter. Now they're just making it formal policy. Count on it, things haven't changed in the slightest for the well healed in the west hills, the pearl or Irvington.

Though I have to admit I'm a touch confused. Reading the remarks of some schmuck at the 911 headquarters, this Dan guy is claiming that they can't answer their phones because popo is understaffed?

I don't know which is more insulting; that they think we buy that line of shit, or that they can't be more creative liars. In any event, there simply aren't words to register the level of disgust over the outright silence from city hall, or the milk toast 'we know how hard it is for those behind the badge' horseshit that is the perfect benchmark within which to frame the next few years.

In the old days, there would at least be some level of ripping the bosses of the 911 shitshow new assholes. You know, making them answer questions before the entire counsel.
I don't fucking care that the portland proud boys are unhappy. At least 911 can answer their fucking phone and tell us they're too busy to bother.


The police have never helped anyone ever. What they are doing now is their typical MO - violence against the public. Fear mongering. Nothing has changed.

The crime that's happening was happening when they pretended to give a shit (and usually showed up and killed someone). Now they're just not showing up. Doesn't change a thing. Cops don't prevent, stop, or solve crime.

Everyone who has their panties in a twist about what's happening here is someone who believes the police provide any actual service to the public other than harassment, intimidation, abuse, and murder. Fuck the police.

Fire every last one of their petulant asses. We do not need anyone in the PPD. They are corrupt criminals being investigated by the DOJ for what, the 3rd time (this decade?). Who gives a fuck. They deserve nothing - certainly not paychecks and pensions. Cut them loose and watch them twist in the wind.


Not exactly CR. The cops of today, portland's proud boys, no question.


16 years ago a fuck of a shitstain bigot took offense to a mixed race couple in a parking lot of a mall, there to shop for an appliance. He tried to stick a knife in the man while promising that the woman was next.

Unknown to him, a motorcycle cop, out of his jurisdiction because he had been doing a bicycle safety thing with little kids, was 60 feet behind him.

As he attacked the man with his knife the motor-cop took a massive motorcycle and seamlessly wove it between people standing around watching and put it, and himself, between the victim and the attacker. When the attacker refused to give up his knife the cop talked him out of it instead of just shooting him.

Shit stain bigot got arrested and convicted of a measure 11 crime but because he had money and apparent connections to the trial judge (he complained when he was sentenced that "it" was costing him $20k) he was sentenced to 5 years, 4 of which were suspended and credited for the week before bail. He served 9 months in county. He is white and wealthy.

But that cop? He saved my life. My career as a musician was over thanks to the knife wound but I am alive today because a cop helped.

He just isn't a portland proud boy.

Painting with a broad brush is sloppy. Ya drip paint all over.

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