This is venting.
What the fuck is wrong with you people? Can't you see what is happening? Covid is now at double or triple the level of previous records in most places and what are we doing about it virtually nothing?
We did so much in the outset to try to help and protect the less fortunate. And now when things are objectively much worse, we've just abandoned them.
How have some of your lives actually improved during a pandemic? Think about that! Everyone is banding together and fighting for the survival of our species, and you've decided that was the perfect time to pounce and grab more of the pie for yourself.
It's sick. Our society is so sick.
People are struggling. People need help. And they have been abandoned to the wolves and other predators. Why is it so difficult to give people a fair shot? Why is the idea of other people succeeding at the same level so threatening? Why should your neighbors have to suffer for your insecurities? Why can't you smell the roses?
We have witnessed who we each really are. We have witnessed what we will compromise our voice and values for. We have witnessed failure after failure after failure so many times.
I know the reckoning is coming. But it will never happen quick enough.
People are suffering and all you did was take your time and enjoy the show.

May God bring swift relief to the righteous and justice for all.

Whatever your beliefs are, I recommend you get right with them while you still can.

And you better pray for a merciful God, because I promise you, the alternative won't work in your favor at all.