You've been given everything you need to figure this out and push our society forward.

Yes, it is completely unfair.
Yes, no one else is coming, this is moment is up to you on your own.
Yes, you are not completely alone, but the move to make is yours and yours alone. Yes, we are with you every step of the way.
Yes, this is terrifying, that's because it matters. Yes, we can't promise any specific results or outcomes.

There are no guarantees beyond the ones you enforce upon the world.

Yes, you were chosen. Yes, you are different. Yes, you are special. Yes, we are all the same. Yes, we are all equal. Yes, not everyone gets this opportunity. Yes, not everyone can access this power. Yes, it is up to us to keep it safe. Yes, this has happened for a reason.

Yes, there will be pain. Yes, your heart will be broken. Yes, you will heal. Yes, you will lose friends. Yes, you will have to let go of things. Yes, you will be remembered not matter what at this point. Yes, tales and songs.

Yes, we are sorry we can't answer every question you have. Yes, we trust you completely.