Right-wing males claim to be "real" men, yet they're the most timid, most triggered, and most scared people in our entire country. One moment, left-wingers are "soi-boy" snowflakes who drive Volvos and drink lattes, and the next they're violent extremists-marxists-communists-fascists... whatever their right-wing masters tell them at any given moment.

And like good little sheep, they'll happily swallow what their masters feed them (like SF born, wealthy family raised, Rhode Island prep school alum Tucker Carlson), and mindlessly regurgitate it until they feed them another lie. And being the obedient sheep that they are, they'll simply say, "Thank you, sir, may I have another?" because they want the lies and they want the fear as it justifies their pathetic world view. It validates all the poor decisions they've made throughout their entire life and places the blame on someone else... liberals, immigrants, people of color... LGBTQ people... anybody but themselves must be to blame for their sorry lot in life. The really sad and scary thing about all of this is... they actually have the right to vote.

Let's also be very clear: These timid, triggered and fearful "men" are also extremely dangerous, since part of what makes them feel like "real" men is having an arsenal of weaponry.

Like I've always said: Stupid with a gun is a dangerous thing.