Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

This international day was set in recognition that have a sacred duty to our species to remember the tragedy that occurred in the absence of humanity.

We remember that this tragic event was driven by hate and fueled by indifference. It was empowered by those who set party politics and personal ambitions above the dignity of others' lives.

We remember that the events of the holocaust were completely legal in their time, they were regulated, they were administrated, they were documented.

We remember that many doctors and lawyers and journalists and politicians and even those who recognized themselves as activists fighting for their own version of justice empowered the events of the holocaust.

We remember that many of those who performatively spoke up about the tragedies were later found to be aligned with the Nazi party and fascists since the beginning.

We remember that the holocaust was a business, it provided jobs to communities, it is something that industries in cities and small businesses in towns directly profited from its occurrence.

We remember that the holocaust was something incentivized.

We remember that the silence and cowardice of people who simply "did not want to get involved."

We remember that tragedy evil prevails when our so-called friends and neighbors become comfortable with their cowardice.

We remember the innocent children and families who were demeaned and degraded in the name of "progress" and "economic prosperity."

We remember because we failed, and while we may continue to fail, we must do better not next time, but this time now.

We remember not because we feel we could be next but because no one should be next.

We remember because we know if we don't, we know will be reminded in other ways.