This is beautiful on so many different levels.


In the 1980's, I lived communally in a 1908 Portland "Sears" house, a 2-story, 5-bedroom. The fireplace never heated the entire house very well, nor did the wood stove insert, nor the central fuel oil heater in the basement. We insulated the attic and walls, installed double pane windows and replaced the smelly oil furnace with a 90% efficiency natural gas heater. These investments made the house comfortably warm and reduced the heat bill in winter. Maybe the next step for this old house is replacing the gas heater with a heat pump and solar panels on the roof of the detached garage. One thing I know for certain, cars and trucks generate more air pollution than a fireplace or natural gas heaters.


airtight woodstoves
can kick out the Partic-
Ulates like nobody's Business

not quite
'Burnin' Coal'
but Stinky-poo it'll
leave ya Breathless


Some people heat their homes by wood stove as they have no other alternative and are poor. Bitching and moaning per usual, you’re not out there changing the way these poor people can afford to heat their homes, and some even use stoves like that for cooking. You write the same old histrionic post about it here in I/A every year, same self righteous air about you, same stupid post. You’re one of those people I’m extremely glad, that SOMETHING makes them miserable.

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