It's time to show some fucking respect.

That's what's missing from our interactions: respect.

Let's not gloss over that a big factor in the lack of respect we have for each other is derived from the lack of self-respect some of us have for ourselves. To some of us, treating others as we want to be treated is not an aspiration but a curse.

When I was growing up and we went camping, my mother taught me how to start a fire. A key thing she taught me was to respect the fire. We were taught to respect the fire not because it could burn us and cause personal injury. But if we failed to show it the proper respect, it could easily get out of control and burn the entire forest down.

Let's try to keep this in mind when we interact with others who are also trying to navigate our way of our and recover from the absurd topsy turvy world of our millennium teenage years.

Maybe once we get respect down, we could venture on to kindness.

A little respect can go a long way.